After Hibernation

It took me two full days to get to Kenya. I slept on a lot of chairs along the way. Once I arrived, I slept for almost 24 hours. Now I have problems sleeping the Kenyan night through. Go figure.

I’ve ended my hibernation by going into town today for errands like exchanging USD for KES and getting a $25 phone. It’s Monday, and the city is alive. I forgot how busy Nairobi is. Actually, I seem to have forgotten a lot of things.

Top 5:
1) The traffic.
I remember it being bad, but not THIS bad.

2) Potted plants at the side of the road.

3) The smell.
Combination BO and burning tires.

4) How, on a “cold day,” Kenyans wear winter jackets and I’m sweating in my t-shirt.

5) Shows like “The Wedding Show” and dubbed telenovas.

It’s not that I really forgot these things, it’s I forgot how they made me feel. Recalling and experiencing are different.

Anyway, I’m doing well. Getting into the reporting world is looking good so far. Can’t promise anything yet though. In the mean time, I’m studying politics and trying to keep up with news.

At this point, I’m still on tourism visa for just three months. It was supposed to be six, but the guy at the airport gave me a smaller stamp in my passport. I’m hoping to get to immigration by the end of the week.

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2 thoughts on “After Hibernation

  1. That Monday was a pay day for most pips in NBO.Every one had same cash in there pokes that why there was so much traffic in town when pips in Nairobi have cash they all bring there cars in to town and that creates so much traffic jam in town not only cars but people too enjoy your stay enway.

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