Week 3

Week 3, blog 3.

So, I’m mildly depressed. I think I need an American friend who’s around my age. I went to MSID today only to find out they don’t have class again until Tuesday. I’ll try again then. Maybe I’ll make a friend.

The journalism journey is going all right. I was sad to discover my top two choices for stations already started with their interns a couple weeks ago, which is frustrating because I was definitely here a few weeks ago. Both said they wont get new interns until January. One station said they’d be happy to take me then, so that’s good.

Which means I’ll be here until March. I think I’m okay with that.

In the mean time, I’m going to intern at the government’s office of public communications, which deals with government, corporations, and media. I haven’t started yet, but Abdi, my future boss, says I’ll be in the production department. He says this is a sweet gig because there’ll be plenty of networking opportunities. Abdi is Dr. Ali’s cousin (the man I met at the bank in Minneapolis), and he knows everyone. He’s already been so, so helpful. He’s the one who encouraged me to intern at his office, and he’s not only aware that I’m looking for news internships in the mean time, but he’s helping me get them! Yesterday we met for about an hour, and every five minutes he thought of someone new to call, just to inquire about internships and jobs. The most exciting part of our meeting was when he showed me an ad. in the Daily Nation for NTV reporters and anchors. I applied as soon as I got home. I am praying I get it. Abdi also told me about two other places that are hiring. I’ll be satisfied with an internship anywhere, but I’d be in heaven if I could land a job.

Let’s face it, I’m pretty darn broke. If you, lovely reader, have even $10 to spare, please donate at http://www.gofundme.com/kiyagoestokenya. Thank you SO much in advance!

Look at me, I’m being direct just like a Kenyan. Actually, I’m getting more comfortable here. I know downtown Nairobi a lot better and am memorizing landmarks on the inconsistent bus routes. Ah, buses… just when you think they couldn’t possibly squeeze any more people onto your seat, on walks mama Kenya. Eyes as wide as her hips, she looks as you like, “If you don’t move over…” And even if you do move that extra centimeter dividing you and the man who keeps looking at your backpack, she’ll sit on you.

Anyway, I’m trying to be happy here. I like going on walks. I found a new route when I was locked out yesterday. I walked down what I call the women’s side, where there are mostly salons, shoes, and clothing. Once I was tired, I walked back on the same road, but across the street, where there are a lot of men sitting, tire heaps, bars, and burning garbage: the men’s side. I prefer the women’s side, but the men’s side was fun because it kept me on my toes. Same cracked pavement, much faster pace.

I don’t have internet 24/7. You can’t blame me for making up games in my head.

Oh! So the washing machine was a terrible waste of money. Its deceptive size actually only holds about ten articles of clothing and is as slow as Nairobi traffic. But apparently, there’s a woman they call who washes laundry for about 200 shillings per load. That’s about $2.50 for her to hand wash sheets, jeans, and all other clothing except undergarments. But don’t worry, that’s normal here.

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