Geckos, Vultures, and Wasps, Oh My!

About the blog title? Just enjoying the wildlife 🙂

Inside, Camerapix is awesome. I love my internship. I’ve been writing scripts and recording voiceovers for Africa’s Voice, a new Africa 24 Media series about African culture. The other day, I sort of got promoted. One of the men in charge says I’m now a producer, and another says I’m an “intern producer.” Hmm. For now, I know that I’m producing a new fashion series, whether that makes me a producer or not…? I don’t know. Nonetheless, I already started editing a filler photo segment. I’m proud of it. For this project, I’m working closely with a new producer who just transferred from KTN. He looks like my fraternity brother from back home. So, no matter how much as we argue, I like his presence. (Ha,ha, I hope you’re reading this, goof!)

Most of my friends know about my pop culture deficiency. Ironic, I know, considering I’m in media. BUT! I’m so proud to announce that because of Kenya’s TV-watching culture, I am now in the loop! You guys, I watch E! I could tell you the names of all the Kardashians. I could tell you who’s pregnant.

Before, I only followed these few shows: the news, the news, and the news. Just kidding, I also followed Weeds, True Blood, and Big Brother. My close friends back home especially know that Big Brother is my SHOW! I’ve watched it every summer since I was 10. I’ve almost applied to be a houseguest twice. I’m pretty sure I’ll go through with it this year because I have fewer responsibilities. Now, in addition to my new celebrity awareness, the craziest thing happened. Monica, her friend Jackie, Jackie’s cousin and I were hanging out last week and I suddenly learn that her cousin was on Big Brother Africa! The 2011 Kenyan contestant himself. I usually don’t get starstruck, but I flipped my shhh because that is seriously my show. Then, he invited us to a Big Brother reunion party, in support of an anti-jiggers campaign. Good times.

So, I’m having fun. I meet new people often. Yet I’m so worried about finances. If this new producer role leads to employment, I hesitate leaving for the BBC East Africa internship. I don’t want to leave what I’m building. But who knows what could happen at such an accredited place as the BBC! I’m supposed to start in November. That’s in a few days, and, despite my communication attempts, I have no details about when exactly I’ll start or how often I should be there. We shall see…

My other newest endeavor is to model.

There’s so much happening here. Most people are worried about the recent terrorist attacks. If you don’t know about it, find out.

I think I’ve covered most events of the past couple weeks. Oh! The big one: I no longer have a plane ticket back home! Yep, that’s pretty important. Actually, I think I should write a book about what not to do abroad. It includes buying a one-way ticket, living with your ex, and depending on him to pay for your ticket back home. But, you know what? “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” I will find a way. Always do.

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2 thoughts on “Geckos, Vultures, and Wasps, Oh My!

  1. Goof mentioned above says:

    you better mention me more often if you’re to have peace…or a morsel of it. 😀

  2. Ronjey says:

    Ive never read a blog,or even story so sad yet so entertaining. You got a light view of your thick mountains,and thats crucial because you keep climbing a step at a time and soon you will be on a flat ground 🙂

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