One year and three days ago, I arrived in Kenya. My Kenyaversary is on September 3rd, and there shall be two more.

This is what I looked like as a one-year-and-two-days-year-old in Kenya

I’m having a pool party on Friday at my friend’s house, in celebration of having survived this lifestyle for one year, and in hopes that the next two will bring joy.

Summary of living conditions:
In September 2011, I stayed with my ex-fiance, and yes, we’d broken up before I moved there. The first lesson I learned in Kenya is: never live with your ex. I lasted three weeks before moving in with Monica, my host mother from when I was an exchange student in 2009. She and her kids had moved to a smaller place since then, so there wasn’t much room for me this time. Yet I stayed there for four months because I couldn’t afford rent anywhere, as my internship was unpaid. In February, I moved into a “shack,” as an American friend called it when she came over, once, in the ghetto known as Amboseli. Rent was affordable, but I hated everything about that house. I went to Kibera yesterday and saw houses in better condition than that one. Anyway, back in August, someone broke in while I was home (see previous post for details), and I’ve been staying with friends ever since. End.

I’ve always believed that your home should be your haven, and I haven’t had that for one year. And now, after negotiating with my company about salary, it looks like I won’t have it for another two years. I was hoping they’d give me enough to move into a securer neighborhood, but they didn’t. I’m back to square zero, looking for another shack. And I swear, if one more person suggests I live in a servant’s quarter, I will flip my quarter. F I look like?

I wish I were in a better mental state to celebrate my Kenyaversary. I’m trying to focus on these four positive, upcoming events.

1) Chords ‘n’ Cords
Wordbenda, a spoken word artist and guitarist, and I are performing at Dass Ethiopian restaurant in Westlands tonight.  One of the songs we’re doing is called “Tattoo Tribute.” Here’s the flyer:


2) Kenyaversary Pool Party
Tomorrow (Friday) in Lavington. Text me for details.

3) Italy
My company is sending me on a five-day business trip to Italy in October.

4) Christmas
I’ll be home for Christmas! Leila will have had her baby. I’ll get together with everyone. I’ll do winter activities like sledding, and I’ll go to the cinema with my family. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES.


3 thoughts on “Kenyaversary

  1. Happy Kenyaversary!

    -Coming from a fellow of Shades of Social Media

  2. Djrelat7 says:

    It is nice that despite the downfalls you mention you are still able to look at the things in your life that bring you joy. Italy sounds like it will be a great time! And visiting your home will be a nice break. I hope that things improve with your living quarters 🙂


  3. […] felt especially miserable when voyaging from my so-called shack (see Kenyaversary), to the office, which was actually only three kilometers away, but, without a car, and proper […]

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